Q:  Is Fundraising Required?

A:   2023 Will have the return of each registered family selling (5) Raffel tickets. These are used to replace our helmets which have to be replaced every few years.

Q:  When does practice start?

A:   Practice will begin after Camp, which is happens generally in the first part of August.

Q:   When do the games start?

A:   Normally the second to the last week in August?  The game schedules are set by MEYFL

Q:   When is equipment handout?

A:   Information on Equipment Nights will be sent via email and generally happens in July, prior to Camp.

Q:   Were can I find the football practice / games schedule

A:   Coaches will send upon being set by MEYFL

Q:   When can I sign my child up for tackle football?

A:   Registration open in May and closes at the end of June. Early registration saves $50 in registration fee!

Q:   What equipment does SYF Provide?

A:   Your registration covers your participation in the program, jersey, and  optional socks. Limited helmets are available to rent subject to a rental fee. Other additional items needed include mouth guard, athletic supporter, pants, cleats. More information on needs and special purchase items are set on behalf of SYF.

Q:  Can I sign up to coach?

A:   Yes, during the sign up you will be asked if you would like to volunteer to coach.  If you are selected to coach you will be contacted by the Director.

Q:   If I volunteer to coach, and I have never coached before are there tools to help me?

A:   Yes, as being part of the Heads Up program you are given video and white paper on different practices that you can do.  The Director will also walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

Q:   When are teams decided?

A:   Teams generally run by grade level but depending on ability, and skills players may be placed on alternate teams.