Jason Bryant

CEO, Spartan EndZone Club

Dan Lippert

Vice President, Simley Youth Football

Jake Ganzer

Board Secretary

Karin Swainey

Communications Coordinator

Jen Radmaker

Apparel and Program Coordinator

Joe Kranz

Equipment Coordinator

Christopher P'Simer

Board Member

Greg J

Board Member

BOARD JOB Overview:


Preside over all meetings and dealing of the group, board, and community dealings. Conduct all affairs of the SYFA and execute the polices as established by the board. Executive of all marketing, revenue, and wellbeing of the program. Serve as the final point of contact in decision making or decisions of the program.


Duties and responsibilities include documenting monthly meeting minutes. Role maintains the list of all directors, officers, and program directors. Gives notice of meetings, and ensure copies are kept on file. Handles all correspondence of the program. 

Volunteer Coordinator:

Duties and responsibilities include creating and administering the yearly needs of families for contribution to the program. Establishes needs, and schedule to ensure completion under program requirements. 


Duties and responsibilities include monthly reconciliation of football expenses, submitting check requests and invoices for payment, ordering all equipment.

Equipment Director:

Duties & responsibilities include overall management for association’s equipment needs, including leading distribution of equipment, uniforms, and other football supplies, evaluation of new equipment needs and procurement, and maintaining organized storage of equipment in association’s facility. 

Camp Director :

Duties and responsibilities involve working with the City and school district Community Education staff to secure and organize field usage for games and practices.

Program Directors:

This position represents the  football program, helps drive the mission of the youth program, participates in annual parent meetings, leads instructional meetings for coaches. Serves as a primary point of contact between families, coaches, and board members.